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6 must-have Wi-Fi hotspot features for restaurants

by May 9, 2017Classic Hotspot, Public Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspot features for restaurants

Do you want to offer free internet access to customers in your restaurant? In this blog post, we identify the right Wi-Fi hotspot features and a list of suggested access points to use in order to grow your business through Wi-Fi in a successful way.

Offering free WiFi in restaurants is a successful strategy to attract new customers and improve your business. In fact, free access to the internet in public venues, such as coffee shops, bars and restaurants, is a much-sought service among people: young people can access social networks and keep in contact with their friends, tourists can benefit from free internet access and avoid international roaming services, while business people can meet their customers in a comfortable environment. The possibility for customers to browse the web for free means they will stay longer at your location and consume more, which increases the chances they will come back again to benefit from your free Wi-Fi connection.

How can you successfully operate a restaurant by leveraging your Wi-Fi services in a proper way? Tanaza provides you with the 6 must-have Wi-Fi hotspot features in order to effectively meet your business needs.


1. Captive portal


A captive portal is the web page users see before accessing a public Wi-Fi network. On this page, customers can authenticate and browse online. Tanaza features an easy-to-setup and user-friendly captive portal for guest authentication and allows you to choose among many login methods: authentication through email addresses and/or phone numbers, voucher-based registration, social login, etc. Furthermore, data collected through user authentication are very useful for restaurants in order to know their clientele and create customized marketing campaigns.


2. Social login


Within the food industry, the success of business success revolves around the feedback received from its customers. Tanaza features social login among its authentication methods, which allows users to access a network using social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social login is very useful, as you can ask customers to like your Facebook page or to share their position while at your location: in this way, your social visibility will improve and word of mouth among people on social media will increase. Also, social login authentication enhances the possibility to gain positive reviews about your restaurant on websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.


3. Content filtering


In order to avoid customers accessing inappropriate websites while connected to your network, it is important to secure your Wi-Fi network by enabling a web content filtering tool. The built-in cloud-based content filtering system offered by Tanaza allows Wi-Fi hotspot providers to effectively scan the content on the internet based on a wide range of set categories. In this way, network admins can successfully manage the kind of content end users can see when browsing their network. In addition, by securing public Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi hotspot providers are free from liabilities in case illegal activities are run by untrusted users while connected to their networks.  


4. Responsive login page


Building a customizable login page for your hotspot is very useful to meet your business needs: for instance, you can attract more customers by promoting your special lunch offers, discounts, banners and videos on your login page. The responsive Tanaza Login Page is very intuitive and allows you to create smart advertising and easily add video or image advertisements with rotation. Furthermore, the login page offered by Tanaza is highly customizable: you can create the layout, add different login buttons, show terms and conditions and require acceptance, and much more.


5. Centralized management and maintenance


Tanaza is an all-in-one software that provides you with a cloud-based centralized dashboard, which is very useful to easily manage and control your Wi-Fi networks and the list of your Wi-Fi users. Furthermore, Tanaza allows high-cost savings as it allows to use of low-cost access points to create social hotspots, consequently avoiding costs to install and maintain expensive hardware.


6. Remote monitoring


It is important to be always informed about the status of your access points in order to avoid network problems that could undermine your Wi-Fi device’s correct functioning. Thanks to Tanaza, you can remotely monitor in real-time all your access points, deployed in one or multiple locations, on our cloud-based dashboard: if an access point goes down, you will receive an email alert and you will be able to check its status through the web.


When building a network for a restaurant, Tanaza can help you choose among a wide range of supported multi-vendor access points. Depending on the dimensions of the locations, you will need different devices able to cover a specific small or big area and handle a small or large number of users. The following are the access points we suggest you deploying:


By virtue of Tanaza, you will be able to successfully grow your business, by deploying the right features and the access points more suitable for your Wi-Fi hotspot.

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