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To promote its new WiFi services, the company has launched an initiative Thai DTAC rather curious, transforming dogs and cats in a mobile WiFi hotspot.
The animals were equipped with a repeater on the collar and sent around the city. Who was interested in just approach the animal had to connect to “anchor” the free network.

The idea was purely promotional, so for a limited period, a figure that will likely serve to reassure the animal lovers concerned about exposure to radio waves which could be subjected to dogs and cats with hotspots around his neck.

It is not the first time someone tries to use the original furniture hotspot: had tried some time ago in the Texas BBH Labs which had transformed the homeless in 4G hotspot, but in that case, the public reaction was extremely negative, with many they considered detrimental to the idea of human dignity of the homeless, despite the fact that the company was planning also to raise funds to donate to their aid with the initiative.