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EAP9550: Multi-Functional Access Point/Repeater

EnGenius EAP-9550 supplied by EnGenius is the most ideal wireless device decision for the ultimate grip on the office  network supremacy. You see, EAP-9550 is a Wireless N 300Mbps Access Point / Universal Repeater with Smoke Detector Design & 802.3af PoE besides being also  a multi-functional access point/repeater/WDS device. This Wireless N device can deliver up to 6x faster speed and 7x extended coverage than 802.11gand offer unlimited wired network with superior throughput, performance and unparalleled wireless range. It is equipped to encrypt all wireless transmissions through WEP data encryption and supports WPA/WPA2 including a MAC address filter function that allows users to block unpermitted access to the network.  This architectural master piece is the best product to ensure superior wireless network for your office. This wonder device is a must get for your business, today!


EnGenius EAP-9550 supplied by EnGenius was designed with features that make it priceless; yet it very affordable with lots of benefits. Do you think that it is the cheapest priceless asset you should own:-

  • Aesthetic “Smoke Detector” Design
  • Minimal footprint and no protruding antennas
  • Designed to blend in to various business environments
  • Unobtrusive design prevents tampering to protect your investment
  • Wireless N 300mbps Speed
  • State of the Art 300Mbps wireless speed for uninterrupted wireless connection
  • Speed 6X faster than standard 802.11g
  • Ideal for large file transfer applications from advanced engineering solution to video conference meeting
  • Embedded Mimo Smart Antenna Design
  • Two transmit and receive spatial streams delivers up to 300Mbps data rate
  • High Gain 4dBi MIMO Smart Antennas delivers wider wireless coverage
  • Designed to be deployable out of the box
  • Universal Repeater
  • Extends WiFi coverage into dead spots
  • Minimizes trenching and cabling cost
  • Multiple Wireless Names (AP Mode)
  • Broadcasts multiple SSID’s in one device
  • Permits different levels of network access (VLAN Tagging)
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (802.3af) Compliant
  • Power and data over one single cable for convenient installation
  • Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) Technology
  • Facilitates bandwidth priority for multimedia applications including VoIP phone call, video streaming, and online gaming.

The Specifications for a Great EAP-9550

The functions of EnGenius EAP-9550 supplied by EnGenius are what define its capabilities and opportunities it offers you; here a some of them for your savoring:-


  • RT3052


  • 32MB SDRAM


  • 4MB

Physical Interface:

  • LAN One 10/100 Fast Ethernet RJ-45
  • Reset Button
  • Power Jack
    LEDs Status:

    • Power (Status)
    • LAN (10/100Mbps)
    • WLAN (Wireless Connection)


  • WEP Encryption 64/128bits
  • WPA Personal (WPA-PSK using TKIP or AES)
  • WPA Enterprise (WPA-EAP using TKIP)
  • 802.1x Authenticator
  • Hide SSID in Beacons
  • Multiple SSID with 802.1q VLAN Tagging (up to 4 SSID)(Access Point mode)
  • MAC Filter (Access Point mode)
  • WLAN L2 Isolation (Access Point mode)
  • Wireless STA (Client) Connected List


  • WMM

Power Supply:

  • 90 to 240VDC ± 10%, 50/60Hz (Depends on different countries)

Active Ethernet:

  • (Power-over-Ethernet, IEEE 802.3af) 48VDC/0.375A
  • 12V/1A
    Regulation Certifications:
  • FCC Part 15, UL, CE
  • Benefits/ Applications

Cloud management

This device is going to be cloud manageable through Tanaza Cloud. Click here to know more.




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