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Meet Hiro: the new Logo for Tanaza

Meet Hiro: the new Logo for Tanaza

Hiro Tanaza

Tanaza was founded with the idea to develop a sophisticated tool that could be so smart that it could be easily integrated to work in perfect harmony with any device from any vendor. Today, we have fully transformed our brand in order to capture what using Tanaza is really about: to disaggregate hardware and software to create reliable and cost-effective Wi-Fi networks.


Our new logo

In 2018, our design team, in partnership with Copystudio, created an entirely new Tanaza logo to reflect our vision.

The word “network” has been a key inspiration in the way we wish to visually communicate our brand. However, we found that design elements like lines and dots were not enough to shape our new brand idea. We wanted a memorable concept that could be easily recognized and understood. We wanted an impactful logo that could personify the meticulous manner with which we have developed our product and reflect the quality and reliability of our software. And so, we thought — who better than a spider to represent the creation of a robust and impenetrable network.

We are proud to introduce HIRO: the new symbol for our community of Wi-Fi professionals.

Tanaza has created a symbol. An original trademark that impersonates our shared values. An iconic symbol for our community of Wi-Fi professionals who embrace open networking.

We have also updated our wordmark. We have carefully designed our geometric letters, paying close attention to the “a”, as it is repeated 3 times within the word Tanaza. Additionally, we have also changed our primary color. We decided to abandon the bright orange that allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the very beginning within the Wi-Fi industry. Our new logo is predominately black and white, to balance the bold identity of our new trademark.


Vote for the access point you need

Vote for the access point you need

Tanaza upvoting system
Tanaza is a multi-vendor software that supports a large range of access points, providing its customers with scalability and control over their hardware budget.
To remain closely focus on Tanaza customers’ requirements, Tanaza set up a way that allows customers to upvote for the hardware they expect to find. This way, our Engineer team can give priority to a specific hardware or version rather than another one.

For example, on the screenshot, you can see that at present, Tanaza supports the TP-Link TL-WA5210G version 1 in beta and that it could soon support version 2 as well if upvoted as one of the priorities by Tanaza customers.

Moreover, if an access point model is not supported yet and doesn’t appear as a “coming soon” device, users can fill in a form to request a specific device.

By doing so, the Tanaza Engineer Team is trying to get the closest possible to Wi-Fi professional needs.

Being multi-vendor means that the Tanaza software is compatible with many access point vendors like Tp-Link, Ubiquiti, NetGear, Linksys, MikroTik, Engenius, etc.


Visit our Success Portal now to find out the list of supported access points by Tanaza.

Tanaza AP upvoting system