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Users can now see their WiFi voucher usage data

Users can now see their WiFi voucher usage data

View Usage of Coupon

Thanks to Tanaza’s captive portal, WiFi network administrators can enable multiple authentication methods for users to log into a public network.  WiFi vouchers is just one of the many authentication available.

Recently, Tanaza’s couponing system feature was updated so that WiFi network administrators could enable users to see details regarding the usage of their WiFi vouchers once they’ve logged in to the network using a coupon code.

The couponing system feature allows network administrators to distribute WiFi vouchers to configure a coupon template, set a data limit, a quota limit, a duration, add an expiration date, and enable the “stop and resume” option. Thanks to the latest update of the feature, the network administrator can now also choose whether or not to show its WiFi user detailed data about their voucher usage.


view voucher usage dataEnable coupon data usage on your splash page

In order to use this latest update and share data with the users, the WiFi network administrator must enabled this update within the couponing system feature. Once enabled and the user authenticates using the WiFi voucher, they are shown detailed data about their voucher usage, such as:

  • Voucher name
  • Total session time available
  • Consumed session time
  • Download quota
  • Upload quota
  • Number of devices connected


>> See how to enable this update on your SSID


Furthermore, This feature can be leveraged for both new WiFi users and for returning WiFi users, thanks to Tanaza’s remember me feature that automatically logs in users who have previously logged on to the network.


Practical cases for this feature update:

New users

Once they input the coupon code, new WiFi users will be shown the usage data (if enabled) the network administrator chooses to display and will then be redirected to a landing page.

Returning users (with welcome back splash page)

The Tanaza remember me feature allows returning users to automatically login to a WiFi network without the authentication process. A welcome back splash page will be displayed (as seen in the image above) automatically showing data about the voucher previously used to authenticate,  the returning user will be able to see usage data,such as session time and the remaining upload and download quota. The welcome back splash page will not require re-authentication and will give users the option to choose when to connect by simply clicking on the connect button which will redirect them to a landing page, or to request to be forgotten if they wish to use another login method or another coupon to access the network.  

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Free and Free mobile are arriving on the Italian market

The Iliad Group is a major player in the French market of telecommunications and Internet access. Founded in 1991 by Xavier Niel, the group is currently planning its entry into the mobile and wireless internet service market in Italy.

In 2012, Free entered the French market with two main gammas of services: the first one is Free mobile (mobile services) and the second one is Free (fixed internet services). Free mobile hustled the French carrier market with its super competitive prices, offering services with a starting price of 2€/month. The strategy of Free mobile on the French mobile service market is to offer low-cost services, targeting the non-technophile part of the population. (more…)

Make a difference: offer Tanaza Wi-Fi in the retail sector

Make a difference: offer Tanaza Wi-Fi in the retail sector

Retail WiFi

The retail sector has been an early adopter of Wi-Fi technology. Tanaza helps retailers in their transition to discover how Wi-Fi can bring them new clients and enhance existing relationship with them.

At Tanaza, we know how difficult it can be to convince customers to buy the products offered. While shopping, most clients are not always looking for a particular item from a particular retailer, so it can be difficult to understand the customer’s expectations. The key to success is to set your business apart from its competitors, by selling products that your customer base is looking for and strengthening relationships with customers through fidelity campaigns and personalized marketing campaigns


Tanaza helps retailers in their transition to discover how Wi-Fi can bring them new clients and enhance existing relationship with them. - Tanaza Seamless RoamingNowadays, providing free Wi-Fi in the retail space can be a real plus. It is can be a way to interact with your customers and enhance their shopping experience. Wi-Fi can also enable you to collect enough data about your customers to help you build and efficient business strategy and provide the type of customized services and products that your customers are looking for. As a result of an enhanced customer experience, you can strengthen your client relationships and obtain new ones through word of mouth. And lucky for you, this is where Tanaza comes into play.



Together with our solution providers partners operating in the retail industry, we are already working side-by-side to help them develop their Wi-Fi projects. The efficiency of our multi-vendor software for Wi-Fi cloud management has been already demonstrated through the success of one of our clients in the retail industry, Auchan.

Tanaza helps retailers in their transition to discover how Wi-Fi can bring them new clients and enhance existing relationship with them. - Tanaza Social Login and Data CaptureProviding Wi-Fi in your business space is a way to fill the existing gap between online and offline marketing. Tanaza provides you with the tools to find out who’s in your location, gather insights and engage with your customers.  Our software is equipped with a Captive Portal that allows you to collect e-mail addresses and Wi-Fi data from off-line customers. Thanks to this captive portal, you can obtain a complete customer database that you can check in real-time.



Additionally, Tanaza can help you increase your visibility on social media. For example, if you setup your Wi-Fi to work with Facebook, you can ask your customers to ‘LIKE’ your Facebook page or register their location before having access to the Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, by allowing them to login using their preffered social account (Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Windows Live or Vkontakte), you can collect user information like name, surname, email, phone, age, gender, etc.

Tanaza helps retailers in their transition to discover how Wi-Fi can bring them new clients and enhance existing relationship with them. - Tanaza for Marketing related services



To profit from Tanaza’s marketing Wi-Fi services, you can decide to publish advertising and promotions on your splash page to target the people that are in your location. You receive contact information from users who are interested in your product or service, enabling you to send marketing messages to the right customer, at the right time.

In a nutshell, thanks to tools like the captive portal, the splash page and the social login, Tanaza Wi-Fi helps retailers to match with their customers’ expectations and increase their visibility on social media. Make a difference by offering Tanaza Wi-Fi in your retail area.


Not convinced yet? Find out more about Tanaza features or discover other businesses like yours that reach success thanks to Tanaza.


Companies that chose to work with Tanaza: 



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Seattle introduces an initiative to provide Internet access


Seattle introduces a Digital Equity Initiative to provide Internet access to its citizens.

The Digital Equity Initiative was launched in response to the Seattle’s Quadrennial Technology Indicators Report released in 2014. The Initiative intends to provide Internet access to the 93,000 residents without Internet connectivity in Seattle, this mostly includes older people and immigrants.


Monetize your Wi-Fi: paid Wi-Fi, couponing Wi-Fi, high-ROI Wi-Fi

Monetize your Wi-Fi: paid Wi-Fi, couponing Wi-Fi, high-ROI Wi-Fi

paid wifi

Monetize your Wi-Fi

Monetizing Wi-Fi means a lot of things: Paid Wi-Fi, couponing Wi-Fi, high-ROI Wi-Fi. But what’s the point? Which is the most valuable solution?


How to: paid Wi-Fi, couponing Wi-Fi, high-ROI Wi-Fi


The paid Wi-Fi business model assumes that the company that owns a large number of networks, in different locations, asks people to pay (with credit card or Paypal) for Internet access. This is a simple way to make revenues from Wi-Fi, i.e. Boingo.

It’s a good revenue model only if you are the only internet provider in a specific location… so that people are encouraged to pay, as they cannot find any free alternative. Considering that the number of extimated free public hotspots at the end of 2014 is 47.7 million, your privilege to be the only hotspot provider in your place won’t last long.

See also: One Wi-Fi hotspot for every 150 people, says study (BBCNews)

2. COUPONING WI-FI / VOUCHER-BASED AUTHENTICATION TO WI-FImonetize wifi create coupons tanaza

Couponing Wi-Fi means that the hotspot owner (for example a restaurant, an hotel, a camping) prints coupons with a code. This code gives access to the internet for a limited time, with a limited bandwidth and a limited download/upload quota.

Thanks to couponing Wi-Fi systems, the hotspot owner has complete control over the use of its Wi-Fi network. He can give the Wi-Fi for free, or make people pay for it, or give Wi-Fi only to customers. If paid, the transaction is made by cash, usually at a front desk.

E.g. A conference venue gives internet for free to the conference organizers only, through a coupon that lasts 1 day for 1 device only. If 200 conference delegates want to use Wi-Fi during the conference, they buy coupons that last 1 hour or 1 day, for 1 or 2 devices.

Read more about the couponing Wi-Fi option within Tanaza >>



A recent way to monetize Wi-Fi is to provide free Wi-Fi collecting valuable data and insights or asking for engagement.

For example, collecting e-mail addresses or phone numbers through the login process; and using them later for direct marketing activities.


Or, collecting insights and personal information and comparing them with web analytics, or with the database of fidelized users.

The last way is asking for engagement: the value of word-of-mouth is undoubted!

Read more about social login and social actions >>


More about couponing Wi-Fi and Tanaza

Tanaza is integrating a couponing service within its platform.

We just published a blog post about this, with screenshot from the new WiFi couponing management software. See also:  “Couponing Wi-Fi option within Tanaza”

Tanaza Wi-Fi couponing management software: a preview




We are happy to announce that we are going to release the new couponing option, that allows you to create and manage Wi-Fi coupons.

Wi-Fi couponing is a very interesting feature for the hospitality, travel, food & leisure sectors and enables a new business model for service providers.

Read more about business models >>


And now… some exclusive previews of our new platform!