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CES 2019: four interesting innovations in the wireless devices industry

by Jan 11, 2019All articles, Industry news, Networking, Wireless Hardware0 comments

CES 2019 - Global Stage for Innovation

CES is one of the biggest meetings for businesses of consumer technologies to present their new products and speak about the main innovations. During four days, more than 4K companies including manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology hardware meet to exhibit their products and share their thoughts about their industry.

This year, the CES takes place in Las Vegas from the 8th to the 11th of January.

 So, what’s new? What are the main innovations within the wireless industry for 2019?

We made a list of notable products presented during the CES 2019. This list is not exhaustive.

The new D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway, probably one of the best WiFi routers of CES 2019

D-Link, the Taiwanese networking company, launched its new WiFi router, the D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway that allows super-fast wireless 5G internet data for home WiFi. It is conceived to receive a super-fast wireless 5G signal from any internet service provider and deliver internet to home connected devices. This D-Link WiFi router supports a faster form of 5G than the current Verizon 5G network (which is a 300 megabit-per-second speed network).
Even if 5G home internet network is still at an early stage of development, this D-Link WiFi router is probably one of the best WiFi routers presented to the CES 2019. This WiFi router will be available on the market in the second half of 2019.

TP-Link and its first family of WiFi 6 routers

TP-Link, the Chinese manufacturer networking products, unveiled its first WiFi 6 routers.
As we mentioned in a previous article, the WiFi alliance recently simplified the names for wireless standards, and the new generation of WiFi, WiFi 6 (802.11ax), is starting to arrive. TP-Link presented to the CES 2019 its first WiFi 6 routers: six wireless devices in total, varying from high-end routers to extenders, all using the new wiFi 6 standard in order to deliver better and faster internet. TP-Link is the first manufacturer of networking products to announce that their wireless devices will support WiFi 6.
WiFi 6 new standard should be launched throughout the year so these routers won’t bring any benefits to consumers before the transition is done and that consumer devices support WiFi 6.

Netgear Orbi mesh router will support WiFi 6

Netgear, the multinational computer networking company, is the second manufacturer to announce the release of WiFi 6 routers in the second-half of 2019.
The Orbi Mesh System will get an update and be able to receive WiFi 6 signal. Netgear announced that WiFi 6 devices will be fast enough to provide gigabit Ethernet speeds over a wireless networking signal. The update will come with the Netgear’s series of hardware RBK50.

MediaTek presents its new connectivity chipset with the latest WiFi 6 standard

MediaTek is a Taiwanese semiconductor company that provides chipset for wireless communication.  During the CES 2019, MediaTek reveals its new chipset that will be compatible with the latest WiFi standard: WiFi 6.
The chipset will prioritize traffic, bandwidth and user demands while delivering the new WiFi 6. The chipset will also support multi-user MIMO, increasing the channel capacity per device on a given network. Last but not least, it will allow for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple-Access (OFDMA), optimizing activities, such as social media, youtube, Netflix, on a given network. This new chipset is designed for the new generation of WiFi 6 routers, access points and repeaters.

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