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Chicago & Miami, the next Smart Cities in the US

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Chicago & Miami, the next Smart Cities in the US

Chicago and Miami have been developing since January 2017 a project to become Smart cities thanks to the technology from CIVIQ Smartscapes.

In an interconnected world, megapolis like Singapore, Dubai or Montreal tends to become Smart Cities by developing intelligent technology to enhance the experience of inhabitants and tourists.
In the United-States, Chicago and Miami are currently working on a project to deploy intelligent technology from CIVIQ Smartscapes. The idea is to deploy around the city interactive digital waypoints like the one you can see on the picture.

Each interactive digital waypoint possesses a number of features like for example interactive information about transportation, maps of the city, emergency alerts for safety and offer free high-speed Wi-Fi.
According to George Burciaga, Managing Director of Global Government Development and Innovation for CIVIQ, “Cities across the world are focused on transforming urban landscapes into hyper-connected smartscapes and connecting smart devices, services and people will allow cities […] to become more efficient and sustainable”.

In Miami, CIVIQ is deploying 300 smart interactive digital waypoints since January and is working to offer Wi-Fi on all public transportation services.
By offering connectivity on the public transportation, Alice N.Bravo, Miami-Dade Director of Transportation and Public Works expects an increase in the efficiency, less downtime and an overall better experiences for passengers.

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