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As part of our continuous effort to provide the most flexible tool to cloud-manage any Wi-Fi network device, we work both on huge features, such as zero-touch deployment or roaming, and also on smaller features, that might be just considered as little improvements.

We are happy to introduce two little items that should make the life of any network administrator easier.


For those applications that require a scheduled reboot for the APs every night, it’s now possible to specify if and when the Tanaza Powered units will have to perform a reboot, with the ability to have a different schedule per each AP and/or TimeZone.


It’s now possible to see the list of connected Wi-Fi clients in real time, and order all the items just clicking on the column label. For example, it’s possible to click on SIGNAL STRENGTH and see which WI-Fi clients have issues in order to understand if adding a new Wi-Fi Access Point is needed. This section will soon include the ability to KICK-OUT and BAN a specific Wi-Fi client.