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How cloud-based Wi-Fi management improves your business

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Improve your business thanks to clod-based Wi-Fi management



Are you a business owner looking for an effortless and cost-effective way to manage your Wi-Fi? You should opt for cloud management. Let’s understand what cloud-based Wi-Fi management is and how it works.


If you run a big business with branches located in different geographical areas, such as a chain of restaurants and retail stores or a hotel chain, and want to rely on a high-quality wireless experience at reduced costs, operating your wireless infrastructure in the cloud is your best option. Indeed, by adopting a cloud-managed network infrastructure for your Wi-Fi hotspot, you save a huge amount of time and money.


Let’s identify the main features of Wi-Fi cloud-based management.


Remote and cost-effective management


In contrast to traditional on-premise approaches to manage Wi-Fi, cloud-based management is more affordable and yet ensures a high-performing Wi-Fi service. Indeed, there is no need for an IT expert on-site to install your access points and configure your network, nor to deploy or update your Wi-Fi infrastructure: everything is handled remotely on the cloud, independently on where the IT department of your company is physically located. In addition, the most innovative cloud-based systems, such as Tanaza, are characterized by zero-touch deployment tools, meaning that also the provisioning and the first configuration of your network is performed remotely through the cloud. Accordingly, cloud management helps you reducing installation, maintenance and upgrade costs related to your wireless infrastructure.


Simple and centralized management


Operating your Wi-Fi network in the cloud allows you to easily manage your access points from anywhere, anytime you need to, from any device connected to the internet. By virtue of a centralized dashboard, your management and monitoring processes are largely simplified, no matter where your deployed access points are located. Furthermore, centralized management allows you to benefit from centralized data monitoring: in this way, you can better and fast analyze your Wi-Fi data to find effective strategies and trends that allow your business to grow faster. The centralized Tanaza Cloud Dashboard is a multi-functional and easy-to-use analytics tool that shows you all data captured through Wi-Fi and helps you remotely managing and monitoring all your networks and Wi-Fi clients.




In the cloud, you can start managing a low number of devices and scale over time when your business grows and needs to add more capacity. Furthermore, you expand your network without large capital investments, as cloud-based approaches are generally based on a pay-as-you-go structure: you only pay for the capacity you use and do not incur in unexpected costs. Tanaza is a Wi-Fi cloud management software that scales without limitations to meet your organization’s needs.


Simplified troubleshooting


With Wi-Fi hotspot management being centralized in the cloud, the network administrator can easily troubleshoot any problem related to his access points and WLANs from a general platform instead of physically fixing it on premise. With Tanaza, for instance, if one of your access points go down, you will receive an alert and will be able to immediately check its status through the management dashboard.


Limited hardware costs


By virtue of cloud-based Wi-Fi management, you have the possibility to get rid of limited and expensive hardware controllers in your Wi-Fi infrastructure. Tanaza is highly advantageous from this point of view, as it completely eliminates hardware controllers in the architecture, allowing further high savings.


Reliability and resiliency


One of the most valuable characteristics of cloud deployment for Wi-Fi infrastructures’ management is that network availability is ensured: if in a location the connectivity to the cloud is temporarily lost, Tanaza’s architecture enables the Internet-connected devices to function normally and the current sessions are not interrupted. The Tanaza availability is 99.99%, making it a reliable and valuable solution for your cloud-based Wi-Fi cloud management.

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