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How to show Tripadvisor reviews and ranking in the WiFi splash page

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  Tripadvisor is the the world’s largest travel site, with over 200 million reviews. Almost 4.5 million locations have a Tripadvisor Page: almost every restaurant, hotel, pub, cafeteria, bed & breakfast has one or more reviews.  

How to show Tripadvisor reviews in the WiFi splash page?



Take a screenshot of the element you want to show. For example, I took this screenshot from the Tripadvisor Page of an adventure park. park1  


I created a splash page with the following configuration: tripadvisor2 FOOTER IMAGE URL = You can use the Tripadvisor Logo, or a “Rate us on Tripadvisor” button. I uploaded the screenshot below. FOOTER IMAGE LINK= The URL of your Tripadvisor page If you don’t see the “Footer image URL” and the “Footer image link” fields, contact support@tanaza.com.  


Simulate your splash page. It’s ready! Two examples: tripadvisor3tripadvisor More about SPLASH PAGES & SOCIAL LOGIN  
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