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It’s time to consider moving from on-premise to Saas for your business. Nowadays with the cloud revolution, SaaS is slowly becoming more and more common thanks to its “easier to manage” side.

If you did not do the jump yet, find in the list below, facts to keep in mind when switching from on-premise software to a SaaS.

Moving on-premise to SaaS

Moving on-premise to SaaS

Changes to your business model:

  • You purchase a “service” instead of a “product”
  • You pay membership subscription fees per month or per year
  • You gain time and benefits as you will not have to install and configure the software
  • You have lower costs due to a shared infrastructure based on the cloud
  • You have lower maintenance costs since the SaaS provider owns the infrastructure


Changes to your responsibility:

  • The SaaS provider will ensure data security, data backup, disaster recovery, and compliance with laws
  • The system availability is ensured by the software vendor


“SaaS is slowly becoming more and more common thanks to its “easier to manage” side.”
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Practical benefits:

  • SaaS has a more scalable infrastructure than an on-premise software
  • Multiple integrations with other SaaS offerings are possible
  • Releases and upgrades are done automatically by the software vendor, no additional effort required
  • Releases and upgrades with a lower cost than those in the traditional model of the on-premise upgrade package


Keep in mind:

  • Read relevant content to train and acquire the minimum level of expertise required to use a SaaS
  • A new sales and marketing strategy could be needed, when applying the new business model Find out more about Tanaza's cloud-based architecture


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