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Whether it is to access Wi-Fi at home or a paid Wi-Fi network, it has been reported that most users have no preference with regards to the personal devices they use to connect to any wireless network.

Based on statistics gathered by Statista, connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi access points at home is the most popular wireless network accessed by most users on any and all devices. - Tanaza user on laptop


According to a statistic by Statista, as of June 2015, most Internet users have no preference in the type of device they use when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. While an exceeding total of 82 percent of users reported to using multiple personal devices when accessing their Wi-Fi network at home, 59 percent of users are also likely to connect any personal device to a 3G/4G (LTE) mobile network access over any other public network. Despite the fact that most users reported to using any device available when seeking a fast and stable connection on any network, the most popular devices during the survey period were laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Available data suggests that 49 percent of users reported to using any personal device available when connecting to a Wi-Fi access point at a trusted location, like a network at work or school. This network is the second most popular amongst internet users as it is a safe network that they can easily be accessed with any device. Additionally, most private networks remember the initial login of each device and automatically connects the users to the network everytime they are within the Wi-Fi area.

Similarly, a total of 49 percent of users also reported to using any personal device available when connecting to a public Wi-Fi, while only 15 percent reported to using any device to access a paid public Wi-Fi network. As a result of public Wi-Fi’s similar percentage of respondents to trusted Wi-Fi networks, it can be deduced that the use of personal devices with networks that offer public Wi-Fi are becoming increasing popular.

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