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Whether you are the Sys Admin taking care of a Wi-Fi network of a small hotel with a few Wi-Fi Access Points, or a solution provider with hundreds of Wi-Fi devices deployed in multiple locations, it’s important to know the status of each single AP or Wi-Fi router of your network in any moment, in order to be able to debug the network when needed.

In our effort to give more and more visibility over the Wi-Fi networks managed through Tanaza, we added a little feature that increases such visibility: Tanaza 2.3.0 introduces the ability to remotely see the average load and RAM usage of any Wi-Fi Access Point managed through Tanaza.

This feature, as well as all the other Tanaza Powered features, is available to all 3rd party models of Wi-Fi Access Points and Wi-Fi Routers Tanaza Powered, including the most popular Ubiquiti and TP-Link models.