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Similarities and differences between Facebook WiFi and Tanaza

by Jan 24, 2017Classic Hotspot, Social WiFi

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Facebook Wi-Fi, like Tanaza, is a software that enables businesses to offer free internet to their customers. It enables guests to connect to a guest network using their Facebook credentials on any of their personal devices.

To have access to Facebook Wi-Fi, the requirements are an access point compatible with Facebook Wi-Fi and a Facebook Business Page, of which you are an administrator of. This software is installed and configured directly on the Wi-Fi router settings and can be personalized further on the Facebook Wi-Fi configuration settings page. On this page, you can configure the Facebook Wi-Fi settings directly, including the terms of service, session length, bypass mode, etc.

So, what similarities between Tanaza and Facebook Wi-Fi?

  • Both are a software for free Wi-Fi
  • Both collect insights about users that login into the guest network
  • Both allow administrators to configure session duration
  • Both software are compatible with multiple vendors
  • Both facilitate automatic sign-in for returning users (mandatory with Facebook, optional with Tanaza)

Despite Facebook Wi-Fi’s similarities with Tanaza, each software has distinct functionalities that tailor very different business needs.

What sets Facebook Wi-Fi apart?

  • It allows Wi-Fi user authentication only through Facebook
  • Its installation is done directly on the Wi-Fi router
  • For its set up, all that is required is a compatible AP and a Facebook Business Page with a location
  • It is compatible with a limited number of wireless router brands, including Meraki, Cisco, Netgear, D-Link and Open-Mesh – see full list here
  • With Facebook Wi-Fi, customers must register their visits (through a Like or Check-in) on the business’ Facebook Page to gain access to free Wi-Fi
  • Facebook Wi-Fi gather basic insights about customers from their Facebook profile info
  • Facebook Wi-Fi automatically connects returning users to the Wi-Fi network (mandatory automatic sign-in)

What sets Tanaza apart?

  • Tanaza enables you to create a personalized, responsive splash page with the splash page editor before allowing wifi users to connect.
  • Tanaza Dashboard allows you to collect and analyze advanced user data (such as name, last name, gender, location, age, device, email address, phone number, number of connections to the network, data or registration, and more…)
  • Tanaza can be integrated with 3rd party Marketing and CRM platforms, such as MailChimp for email marketing campaigns
  • Tanaza gives you the option to welcome back returning users by displaying a welcome back splash page (for automatic login), or a regular splash page (for Wi-Fi authentication)
  • Tanaza is compatible with 12 different router vendors (from low to high cost brands) and more than 70 models of access points – see full list of supported APs here
  • Tanaza allows businesses with more than one location to monitor and manage multiple Wi-Fi routers and access points simultaneously from the cloud and get email alerts in case of disconnections of one or more devices
  • Tanaza allows businesses to choose their preferred Wi-Fi authentication method (social login, form-based authentication, voucher-based authentication, phone & email, sms login…)
  • The Tanaza couponing system enables users to also offer paid Wi-Fi through voucher-based authentication

See Tanaza’s full list of features here.

Determining what software is the ideal fit for a specific business can be very tricky. The real key to choosing the right software is to take into account whether that the business’ goal is to offer a free Wi-Fi connection with a simple social login and no data capture, or to run real-time direct marketing and indirect campaigns with the user data collected from the Wi-Fi users.

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Facebook Wi-Fi and Tanaza

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