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400_unifiproIf your favorite AP is UniFi PRO by Ubiquiti… this is a breaking news!

Start cloud managing it with Tanaza. The firmware is still in pre-release and includes power control and channel width settings.

Social Login capabilities are now available for UniFi PRO, UniFi UAP, UAP Long Range, UniFi Outdoor: choose your device, set up your social hotspot and start collecting user data today.


Do you want to try it?
Follow the instructions to flash Unifi PRO here:

If you need help, contact us at lead@tanaza.com


Consider that we’re adding the following:

  • a better process to load the firmware onto the unit (Tanaza Flasher for UniFi Pro coming in a few days)
  • explicit power/channel control for 5GHz SSID
  • ability to assign to the 5GHz SSID a name different from the 2.4 GHz SSID


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