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Here is some good news about Tanaza, the vendor-agnostic solution to cloud manage any Wi-Fi Access Point.

Breaking news 1 – Splash page, Captive Portal & RADIUS.

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After a pre-release for Tanaza Lead Users, our ultimate solution to manage hotspots in remote and multiple locations is now Live for everybody. You can just pick one of the APs that can be Tanaza Powered through our freely available firmware, and deploy today your branded hotspots to restaurants, cafés, retail stores… 

More info about how to setup the Splash Page, Walled Garden and Radius Authentication is available here.

Breaking news 2 – Community and Facebook

Our commuinity web site, community.tanaza.com, has a new look, and… is now integrated with Facebook! Yes, you’ll be able to ask for support, give feedback and share ideas directly from your favourite social network. A lot of users are already suggesting ideas to improve Tanaza’s ease-of-use and efficiency here.

Breaking news 3 – Compatibility

Our short term roadmap includes connectors to cloud manage:

  • Netgear WG102
  • TP-Link WR743ND, WR741ND, WA5210G, WR941ND, WR340GD, WR1043ND, and WR740N
  • D-Link DWL-3260AP
  • Apple AirPort Express
  • EnGenius EAP-9550 and ECB-9500

 WG103 UniFi WA-901ND  EAP 3660 ECB 3500 NanoStation Loco M2

Don’t see your favorite model here? We can prioritize urgent connectors. Just let us know through this form here.

Breaking news 4 – Open Source and OpenWRT

A few vendors and developers are already working with our R&D on an OpenWRT version of the Tanaza Agent. More info here.

Breaking news 5 – Parental control and web filtering

Some users are requesting it so… we added this feature to the roadmap. Stay tuned!

We are doing our best to satisfy all the community needs, making everybody more efficient every day. Join the discussion and help us to make you more efficient! community.tanaza.com.



Sebastiano Bertani & all Tanaza Team



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