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TechCrunch is hosting an event in Italy to showcase Italian startups globally.  September 27, 2012 in Rome, TechCrunch Italy is a gathering of recognized leaders and innovates across Italy, Europe and the U.S. to discuss the big changes and trends happening right now.

Mind the bridge

We are excited to be selected as one of 40 companies participating in the event, a one day conference and startup showcase designed to feature Italy’s tech startups’ impact on the tech world. Mind the Bridge Foundation, a non-profit initiative to foster a sustainable Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem, spur innovative ideas and reinvigorate the new venture economy, is a key supporter of the event.

Tanaza will showcase cloud-based network optimization and how our technology enables Centralized Cloud Configuration and Management of Multiple Vendor Wireless Access Points, providing cloud-based, vendor-agnostic network manageability at SMB/SOHO prices.  Our Tanaza software demonstration will show how our Wi-Fi Access Points management system offered through the cloud, does not require any expensive dedicated hardware controller and is compatible with 3rd party devices.

Naturally, we are bringing our team of networking enthusiasts to share how committed we are to the idea that network management should be simple and affordable. We are excited to interact with other thought leaders and exchange ideas regarding the changing face of technology.  Where we will share our current technology at the event, and you can expect to see a lot more from Tanaza for customers looking for affordable solutions.


Tanaza - The cloud platform for IT professionals to operate Wi-Fi networks

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873466.

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