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Home Networking has evolved with the multiplication of Wi-Fi connected devices, and is now the upcoming challenge for internet services providers (ISPs) and equipment manufacturers. Customers expect that internet connectivity is powerful enough to seamlessly use all their devices.

With the multiplication of connected devices, Home Networking is the coming challenge for internet services providers (ISPs) and equipment manufacturers. Customers are now expecting an internet connectivity powerful enough to connect all their devices. - Nowadays multiple devices are used at the same time.

Home Networking is the process of interconnecting all the Wi-Fi connected devices at home. Computers, laptops, televisions, tablets and mobile phones are connected to the internet and thrgouh a common Wi-Fi connection, personal devices are interconnected with each other. Consumers often complain about bad home Wi-Fi experiences: poor signal on the upper levels of the house, impossibility to stream videos on the tablet while someone is surfing the web on the laptop etc. Nowadays, people expect to use all their connected devices simultaneously, without reducing the Wi-Fi speed. If the internet connection is poor because of the wrong wrong positionning of the router or because of a poor signal, ISPs get the blame! To avoid negative feedback from final customers, ISPs as well as equipment manufacturers, have to take into consideration consumer’ s new expectations about the Home Networking performances.

Some companies understood the necessity to invest in Home Networking and their objective lies in upgrading the Home Networking system to “bring the best wireless home network experience to consumers”: 


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