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The Pros and Cons of cloud-based software vs on-premise software

by Sep 27, 2016Classic Hotspot, Cloud Management, WiFi Networks

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The trick in determining whether on-premise or cloud-based software is right for you and your business is to make an informed decision. So our advice to you is to start here by understanding and weighing the Pros and Cons of both.

On-premise software is the traditional software that runs on the computers at the location where the client/company is located. 


  • High up-front costs which include on-premise software & hardware installation and configuration
  • Manageable only by going on site
  • Expensive and time-consuming updates, maintenance and on-site troubleshoots
  • Technical skills required
  • Limited access & potential operations issues
  • Problems with scalability due to limited infrastructure
  • Potential for unprecedented downtime


  • Complete control over your IT infrastructure
Cloud-based software or SaaS (Software as a service) is an off-premise software that runs on computers installed remotely and is managed through the cloud. Software services like Tanaza provide a cloud infrastructure for small & medium businesses in the Wi-Fi management space.


  • Software and the associated corporate data are not on-premise


  • Access your information anywhere & anytime (centrally manage the data collected)
  • Subscription-based payments (allows you to pay less when you start and pay-as-you-go)
  • Scale at your own pace
  • Software updates & modify licenses remotely
  • Real consumption info (in real time)
  • Service uptime guarantee
  • Constant & reliable integration maintenance
  • High-level of security
  • Manageability through the cloud
  • Little to no technical skills required (reduce staff)


There are certainly arguments for and against adopting both on-premise software services and cloud-based software services. While there may continue to be many companies to deploy on-premise software, it is only a matter of time before the adopt cloud-based software services, as a result of low hardware costs, easy remote cloud management and high potential for scalability.

On one hand, we have a cloud-based software that once the initial deployment has taken place, all other functions can be configured, managed and updated remotely. On the other, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages for on-premise software deployments due to the regular on-site maintenance and customization resulting in higher costs.

i.e. Tanaza. Just think of how much time and money you would save if the control and management of your network is at your fingertips, no matter where you go.

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