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As a Wi-Fi solution provider, you need multiple tools to manage in the best way your Wi-Fi networks, the accounts of your customers, the data collected from the Wi-Fi users and the possible troubleshoots.
You can find below a list of tools that you should have to manage your Wi-Fi solutions.

    A Wi-Fi stumbler

A Wi-Fi stumbler is really useful because it will indicate you which channel is least likely to cause interference and enables you to search for AP mac adresses. Wi-Fi Stumbler uses your computer’s Wi-Fi antenna to scan local access nodes and shows you the sources of possible interferences.
We particularly advise you Netspot for Mac or NetStumbler for Windows. Another Wi-Fi stumbler tool is Wi-Fi Analyzer that can scan nearby wireless access points and show which spot has the best signal and least interference.
Otherwise, you can check on the Network world website and on the Tanaza blog for a list of the best Wi-Fi stumblers. 
Moreover, if you are looking for a tool to measure your Wi-Fi speed, check on the Raymond website!

    Web filtering tool

A Web filter is a program that can screen an incoming webpage to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the user. A Web filter allows an enterprise or individual user to block out pages from websites that are likely to include objectionable advertising, pornographic content, spyware, viruses, and other objectionable content.
Two examples of very effective content filtering tools would be Rawstream and Flashstart. From OpenDNS, there is also Umbrella.
You can also check the list of web filtering tools on: Tanaza blog and Life hacker website.

    Cloud based software 

Tanaza is a cloud-based software for the remote management of Wi-Fi networks. Tanaza is multi-vendor and allows you to use your favorite vendors of access points and even, having different models in the same infrastructure. Thanks to Tanaza, you can manage remotely your clients networks wherever and whenever you desire. 

    Tool that you need to monitor your networks

To monitor your Wi-Fi network, you might need a system to detect intrusions: a rogue access points detection tool. Tanaza allows you to detect rogue access points, and some of the stumblers tools mentioned above have a basic intrusion detection system.

    Control Bandwidth-Hogging Applications

A hogging  application allows you to control the bandwidth per SSID. This way, you can prioritize certain users or SSIDs so the most important ones get the bandwidth they deserve. For a list of bandwidth-hogging control applications, visit the Life hacker website.

    Management of customers’ request

If you need a system to manage supports tickets, you can use the tool Spiceworks, Happyfox or Freshdesk. This will help you to gain time and enhance your customer service.

    Tools that you need to boost your sales

Having CRM and a email marketing platform can help you sell more and better.
At its simplest, a CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them.
There are a lot of CRM (free, fremium and paid). Some of the most well-known are Salesforce, Insightly, Hubspot sales, Sugarcrm and Freshsales.
About email marketing platforms, we advise you tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Campaign Monitor, Mailjet, Getresponse and Mailup.

    Virtual machine

A virtual machine is an operating system or application environment that is installed on software, which imitates dedicated hardware. The end user has the same experience on a virtual machine as they would have on dedicated hardware.
Check the Life hacker website to discover the 5 best virtual machine tools.

    Virtual private network

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates an encrypted connection over a less secure network. The benefit of using a secure VPN is it ensures the appropriate level of security to the connected systems when the underlying network infrastructure alone cannot provide it.
Again, visit the Life hacker website to check the best VPN tools.

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