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Things you should be aware of when deploying a Wi-Fi network:


  1. Wi-Fi coverage. Choose the AP and mount it in order to get the best Wi-Fi coverage possible. There are many access points, with internal or external antennas. Omnidirectional antennas spread signal in every direction. Some access points are designed specifically to be used for outdoor deployments. If you want to get the best Wi-Fi coverage, mount your access points far from metal grids, cement beams or other structures that could affect the signal transmission.
  2. Power level. The TX power setting specifies the strength of the signal that the router produces during the times it is transmitting. Lowering the TX Power allows to reduce interferences when more Wi-Fi devices are near.
  3. Wi-Fi network coverage power level channels radio mode interferenceChannels. Channel width controls how broad the wireless signal is for transferring data. This has an impact on the maximum speed of your Wi-Fi network. Data doesn’t move as fast across 20 MHz as it does across the broader 40 or 60 MHz channels, but 20 MHz channel width supports legacy 802.11x devices and has typically has better range than 40 MHz. More about how to pick the right channel >>
  4. Radio mode. By choosing the radio mode, consider that newer standards (802.11n) support faster transfer rates, while older standards provide compatibility with older devices and additional range.
  5. Interference. If your Wi-Fi is slow, or signal drops down at a certain time or in certain places, there could be interference. You should pick a channel that is free from other WiFi access points and other sources of interference to have better performances. More about intereference>>



The Tanaza Dashboard includes both a tool to easily change the channela triggered email alert when there is an increase of interference and, in the future, a channel orchestration mechanism to automatically remove the issue.



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