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What do users want from Wi-Fi services?

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What do users want from Wi-Fi services?

In this post we will discuss the main characteristics Wi-Fi services should offer in order to meet users’ expectations.

Unlimited internet connection

Nowadays, in order to comfortably browse on social media, view videos, make calls, stream and download content, send emails, etc., people expect to access the Internet without limits. For instance, Wi-Fi users want to navigate the web without incurring in speed and session time limits, nor being limited in the kind of apps they are allowed to use online. Furthermore, the majority of online content consumes a lot of data: uploading and downloading music and movies and online gaming require more and more quality broadband services that users expect to be provided with. You can find more information about the main applications’ requirements in terms of bandwidth and throughput in this article.

Through its Wi-Fi couponing system, Tanaza gives you the possibility to handle and control guest access to your Wi-Fi network. For example, you can distribute vouchers for Internet connectivity deciding the download and upload quota and the number of devices to be connected.


Easy and fast login method

The easier, the better. In general, people do not like to spend too much time online and want to access a Wi-Fi connection on the fly, in an intuitive way. In addition, users do
not usually like to share their personal information and will not appreciate when a captive portal requires too much information, i.e. it asks you to complete a form with your email address, phone number and other data such as age, gender, interests, etc., as conditions to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. A basic authentication method is what Wi-Fi customers look for, and Tanaza can help you doing so: the splash page Editor provides you with basic login methods for your clients, which are largely appreciated by Wi-Fi users, i.e. social login accessing via Facebook or other social networks. You can easily build an intuitive splash page with basic elements, such as a background, a logo and a login button.


Paid wireless services with no limits

Generally, Wi-Fi users are not willing to pay for wireless services and if so, they expect to be free from limits in terms of available bandwidth, the number of devices they can connect to a network or the type of apps they can use. Tanaza allows you to configure captive portals with paid Wi-Fi access, thanks to its voucher-based authentication system, but you should consider that it can be hard to monetize Wi-Fi with this method if your users have cheaper or free alternatives to connect to the Internet, such as 3G/4G plans or other free Wi-Fi hotspots in the same area.


Internet access everywhere

People want to be provided with Wi-Fi service anytime and no matter where they are. For instance, they appreciate when retail shops offer free Wi-Fi connection, so as to browse on the internet while inside the stores (or just outside the stores, for men that are waiting for their wives that are going back and forth from the fitting rooms with a dozen dresses!). The more hotspots you install in crowded places, the more data you’ll be able to collect from people looking for Wi-Fi connection wherever they are!

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