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Why and how to provide free WiFi during summer festivals

by Jun 15, 2017Classic Hotspot, Public Hotspots

Why and how to provide free WiFi during summer festivals
Discover why you should provide a free Wi-Fi connection during summer events, like festivals and concerts.


Summer is coming and festivals for food, beer, music and more are starting. During a festival, people are willing to share their emotions and their experiences through social media and update their friends about the concert, the food, the movie or whatever.

Providing a free Wi-Fi connection is a great opportunity for you to get a higher visibility on social media, promote services and future events  and to increase your database. It is also a very good opportunity for the festival’s sponsor to promote their own products!

Usually, people are enthusiast about the festival, and so they are highly motivated to share contents with their friends on social media. By providing free access to a Wi-Fi network, you are sure to answer the needs of hundreds of people and to take full advantage of this audience.
The best option when deploying a WLAN for a festival is to enable the social login for users, to allow them to authenticate directly through their social media profile.
Faster and easier than fulfilling a form, the social login will also allow you to collect a lot of data about Wi-Fi users such as name, surname, age, gender, location and so on. Moreover, if you enable the Facebook login, you will also collect verified email addresses.

Below, you can see a simple login page will social login: Tanaza enables social login through the most famous applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that are, according to us, the most useful for this kind of event.


Why and how to provide free WiFi during summer festivals


You may also consider using the login page to promote services and products. For example, you could add a link to a taxi application and incentivize  people to download and use it (Uber, Heetch, Taxi Blu…).

If it’s relevant to the event, you can also display advertisements before and/or during the login process from the festival itself or from its sponsors.. Ads can be images of videos, for example you could  add rotating logos of the festival sponsors, names of the artists….possibilities are many, and results are huge!

If it’s a music event, you may even embed a Spotify widget within the login page, or a link to a music downloading platform like iTunes or Google music.


Why and how to provide free WiFi during summer festivals


Consider that more than 85% of the public might access your free Wi-Fi network during the event, which represents an important amount of new leads and contacts.

Benefits of Wi-Fi for festivals are:

  • Increase your visibility on social media by asking a Like or a Check-in on the festival Facebook Page
  • Take advantage of the word of mouth thanks to shared contents on social media and get more and more visitors the next time and awareness about the event
  • Create targeted email campaign by sending newsletters about similar future events

You can analyze this data thanks to
the Tanaza dashboard and its intuitive graphics. It allows you to segment and filter your contacts, create lists of contacts and export them to the Mailchimp connector integrated to Tanaza. With Mailchimp, you will be able to easily create newsletters and send automatic email to your lists.

If you are an event organizer, a marketing agency or a Wi-Fi solution provider, consider that customers attending summer event may consider Wi-Fi a needed facility in the venue. One example is the Coachella festival in the United-States that deployed a big Wi-Fi area for its visitors, offered by Netflix.