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biz wifiThe world of technology is constantly emerging. More and more, people are relying on electronics and the Internet to get by in their daily life. Not only do homes and offices have a need for wireless Internet, but now public spaces are finding it essential in attracting customers and keeping them satisfied. Public places such as coffee shops, airports and even airplanes are now offering Wi-Fi to the public. The real concern for Wi-Fi, however, is in hotels. We are at a point now where hotel guests value Internet access almost as much as they would a bed and a bathroom—it is essential and they think they can’t live without it.

According to the 2012 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, 55% percent of hotel guests use the Internet during their hotel stay. Of those guests, 87% connect by Wi-Fi. Many hotels are having issues when considering offering Wi-Fi to their guests. On one hand, by not offering free Wi-Fi, people will opt out of staying at their hotel. On the other hand, if they do offer free Wi-Fi, they will find themselves struggling to find ways to finance this amenity. Wiring a hotel for Wi-Fi can be pricy and the actual service itself can add further costs, not to mention it would require controlling and monitoring as well.

This is where Tanaza comes into play. Our systems and solutions allow you to configure and monitor virtually any Wi-Fi Access Point model, thanks to our compatible technology. Our Tanaza Agent, which establishes a connection between devices and our cloud infrastructure, can be installed inside your Local Area Network (LAN) or inside the AP itself, meaning it does not need a hardware controller and it is not required to have a Public IP, setup complex VPNs or use Dynamic DNS. This makes it easier and more cost-efficient. The configuration is also compatible with systems that require 24-hour monitoring and control multiple locations, which is ideal for hotels. After the Tanaza Agent is installed, any and all monitoring and configuring of the Access Points can be done through our easy, user friendly web interface and with just one click of a button, configurations can be applied to multiple Access Points. Thanks to Tanaza, hotels are able to offer a high-quality Wi-Fi solution to their customers, at a reasonable budget.

If you are a hotel owner, ask to your VAR/System Integrator to use Tanaza in your network. You’ll get a Wi-Fi infrastructure that can be managed locally or remotely, by you or your Managed Solution Provider, at amazing efficiency levels.