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Paid WiFi

The Classic Hotspot Couponing System allows you to easily create, print and distribute vouchers for Internet connectivity.

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Limit and control guest access

The Couponing System allows you to limit guest access to your Wi-Fi network. When creating your SSID, you can limit the overall bandwidth and the bandwidth per client, and in a second step, distribute Wi-Fi vouchers with limited download and upload quota, and limited number of devices.

Coupon codes can be customized, to give users a personalized password to access the Wi-Fi network. You can configure a coupon template, set a data limit, a quota limit, a duration, add an expiration date, and enable the “stop and resume” option. You can also customize its text and how the coupon is printed.


Configure multiple-level roles

The IT admin can configure multiple-level roles. The capabilities of issuing vouchers, monitoring clients and seeing stats are singularly assigned to authorized people (such as front desk clerks, hotel managers, venue owners).

For instance, once granted authorization, a front desk operator can easily print tons of unique coupon codes in seconds and distribute or sell them to your guests. The Classic Hotspot monitoring dashboard enables you to see in real-time if a coupon has been used or not.

How to set up coupon login

The WiFi Couponing System is not enabled on your account by default. Watch this video and find out how to enable the coupon authentication method on your Splash Page.


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