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Why Tanaza

WiFi management made easy

At Tanaza, we love to make things easy. We created the only WiFi management software that allows you to be the master of your network.
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Remote cloud management at your finger tips!

Touch and configure an AP 5.000 Km far from your current location. Tanaza was developed to make IT Professionals’ life easier – there is no longer need for IT experts on-site when deploying networks.

Thanks to Tanaza’s Zero-Touch deployment capability, you could ship the APs to the customer premise and easily provision them, remotely upgrade the firmware, add SSIDs, change passwords, all through the Tanaza Cloud Dashboard. You can monitor and manage all your APs and WLANs from just one place, with individual or centralized SSIDs, located in one place or in remote locations.

No more repetitive tasks. No more useless trips to reboot devices. If anything happens to any network, you receive an alert and can fix it at a moment’s notice.


Enterprise-level capabilities for hotspot management

Thanks to our cloud platform, we have created a much-solicited WiFi management tool with advanced enterprise-level capabilities.

Vendor-agnostic SW

You are free to pick your favourite hardware. Tanaza is vendor-agnostic and works great with a wide range of access points: indoor or outdoor, desktop or ceiling­-mountables, even with POE.

Use Tanaza’s Access Point Selector to choose the ideal hardware based on your location, and enjoy your built-in centralized dashboard to manage and monitor them.


Rogue AP detection

The rogue access point detection system enables you to detect any unwanted access point broadcasting your same SSID name.

Detecting unwanted access points within a location is not the only purpose of this feature. This feature is also very useful to understand what other SSIDs are being broadcasted and which channels other devices are using.


Configuration rollback

If you apply a wrong configuration to an access point, it will revert back to its previous functioning configuration and recover by itself, connecting again to the internet.

Thanks to the Tanaza Auto Rollback capability, the Tanaza Dashboard detects and remembers any network configuration change.

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