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Cloud management

WiFi cloud management and control tool

Thanks to our cloud platform, we have created a much-solicited WiFi management tool with advanced enterprise-level capabilities. Tanaza is the first multi-vendor software that enables you to configure and monitor your WiFi devices from remote through a centralized dashboard.

Remote monitoring

Tanaza helps you remote monitor WiFi networks of any size composed of multi-vendor access points, across multiple locations, from a centralized dashboard.

You can control your network from remote, instead of going on-site to check your access points’ status.


Centralized configuration and quick provisioning

With Tanaza, network deployment, configuration and management are done 100% remotely, for increased efficiency and cost saving.

Once you connect the Tanaza Powered AP to the internet, and you claim it through your Tanaza Cloud account, you’ll be able to configure every aspect of your WiFi network through the cloud.


Firmware and technological architecture

Tanaza has developed its cloud platform (https://cloud.tanaza.com) which runs on a reliable, secure, highly-available (99,99%), and redundant cloud infrastructure. WiFi access points communicate with this cloud infrastructure through Tanaza’s firmware, a piece of embedded software which is installed on the access point and replaces the existing stock firmware.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873466.

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