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What’s next

At Tanaza, we want to deliver a complete and cutting-edge product. With this in mind, we are constantly expanding our set of features. Discover what’s next for TanazaOS.

Coming Soon Features

WiFi Geofence

Set a cut-off threshold in power signal (Minimum RSSI) to block the provision of WiFi service to users outside a specific radius. This feature enables you to refuse the access of devices with  signal strength below the limit, minimizing the ‘sticky client’ effect.

Support for external splash pages and RADIUS servers

Enable splash pages hosted on external servers on one or more SSIDs, thanks to a powerful captive portal. Authenticated clients will be able to receive IP addresses from each access point or from the upstream router (bridged mode). Once authenticated, clients will be free to move around access points with no need to re-login (even with access points of different vendors).


Multi-floor plan

Place your access points on the building plan of where your deployment is located, organizing them in floors. Switch from a map to a floor plan view, as well as across floors, thanks to a multi-layer approach.

Built-in Hotspot with Enhanced Analytics

Enable click-through, social login, voucher-based authentication, OTP and more, thanks to a comprehensive splash page editor. View user login details from an integrated dashboard: see new/returning users, statistics per location, devices per user and more.

All the power of the Tanaza Hotspot, completely redesigned with the same high-quality and no-compromise approach of TanazaOS.


Provide internet connectivity wirelessly to access points running TanazaOS. 

We recommend using cables whenever possible to provide connectivity. But when this can’t be done, mesh will do the job.

Site Survey and Rogue Access Point Detection

Scan the WiFi site to identify potential interference, and select manually the best available channels. Improve network security by detecting unwanted/unfriendly access points within a location.


Automatic RRM (Radio Resource Management)

Automatically set the radio to the best channel to avoid interference, and ensure an optimal connection.

Full read/write access via APIs

100% of TanazaOS features will be accessible via APIs allowing you to bring automation to the edge, maximize operational efficiency and enable powerful cloud-to-cloud integrations.