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The latest features, releases, and news from Tanaza

Form-based authentication now in beta stage!

Tanaza now features a new login method in its captive portal: authentication through a custom form. The form-based authentication method allows users to access Wi-Fi by filling in the requested fields in a form and allows network admins to enrich their user database...

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Code login & social login can now be used together!

With its latest feature, Tanaza allows you to use code login and social login together. When this feature is enabled, only users that know the Wi-Fi code will be able to see the splash page and get access to Wi-Fi through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social...

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Restore stock firmware, from the cloud!

The stock firmware of many devices can now be restored from the cloud.tanaza.com dashboard. You now have total freedom to flash and un-flash your access points (if you don’t want to use Tanaza anymore).   Please consider that the capability of restoring the...

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New APs supported!

Add the Tanaza superpowers to these 6 new supported access points! Tanaza now supports also Mikrotik RB951G-2HnD, Linksys LAPN300, Linksys LAPN600, Ubiquiti Rocket M5, Ubiquiti NanoStation M5, WiNext N.A.A.W. Connect...

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How to identify rogue Access Points

A rogue access point is a wireless access point that might have been installed on a secure network without explicit authorization from a local network administrator.

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New release – custom HTML

Embed Youtube and Vimeo videos, Google maps, SurveyMonkey surveys, Tripadvisor review widgets, Facebook buttons and other custom elements!

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What’s new – Facebook Policies

Over the past months, Facebook has introduced new policies and controls to help users get more out of Facebook. Tanaza worked hard on ways to improve the user experience and meet all applicable laws and regulations, including the Facebook Platform Policies.

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Network status APIs

The Tanaza Cloud Public REST APIs allow a user to get the description and the status of all the networks and access points on his Tanaza account.

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