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Why Tanaza

Grow your Wi-Fi sales

Discover why public WiFi hotspots and specifically social WiFi hotspots represent a not-to-be-missed opportunity for your company.

WiFi made simple

Tanaza leverages the cloud computing technology to make WiFi easy-to-manage for thousands of locations globally. Its innovative vendor-agnostic approach frees you from the vendor’s lock-in.

WiFi Marketing

WiFi empowers your loyalty, lead generation, and advertising campaigns. It innovates your direct marketing efforts, thanks to its capability to engage target users with the right message, while they are in your venue.

Industries and applications

Do you want to use Tanaza in a restaurant, a hotel, a school, a museum, or in any other public venue? Tanaza has the features you need for your WiFi!


All the information and the statistics about the access points are stored in a secure, reliable, scalable and redundant cloud infrastructure. The encrypted management traffic and the clients’ traffic are completely separated to guarantee security.


When using Tanaza, you get multi-channel support: you can get in touch with other Tanaza users, read the articles in our support center, download the latest version of Tanaza firmware, and obviously… open a ticket for our support team.

Success stories

Learn how our partners and customers work with Tanaza in multiple sectors. Discover their stories: yours might become the next one!

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