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UniFi cloud management: UniFi Controller or Tanaza?

by Apr 12, 2017Classic Hotspot, Cloud Management

UniFi cloud management: UniFi Controller or Tanaza?
Tanaza and UniFi Controller are two wireless network management software, which allow you to manage multiple networks composed of Ubiquiti UniFi devices, but they work in a different way. In this blog post we will focus on the main differences between them when it comes to network cloud management.
In a previous article, we compared Tanaza with UniFi Controller’s management system. The following table shows the main differences between these two wireless network management software.


Tanaza vs UniFi Controller


UniFi Controller


  • The UniFi Controller is a wireless network management software provided by Ubiquiti Networks, which can be installed on-site or in the cloud. If installed on-premise, you will need to install an hardware controller on-site. If installed in the cloud, you will need to install the UniFi Controller software on AWS (consequently with additional costs), so as to cloud manage your Ubiquiti Networks access points.
  • Being in a hosted computing web-based environment, you will need a virtual remote host for each of your locations, so as to effectively monitor your users’ network usage when connected to your SSIDs.
  • When using a UniFi Controller you will need to regularly check for firmware updates and software upgrades and you will have to maintain them together with the updates to the host operating system.  



  • Tanaza is a Saas for Wi-Fi cloud management. Being a software-as-a-service, Tanaza benefits from an easy forecasting and no unexpected costs, and the total cost of ownership is extremely lowered.
  • Tanaza is vendor-agnostic and works great with a wide range of access points belonging to different vendors, included TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, Linksys, Engenius, and Ubiquiti; not only supporting the UniFi family, but also some AirMAX products like Rocket, Picostation, Nanostation, and Bullet. In this way, you will never be limited by vendor lock-in and you can effectively manage multi-vendor devices from one single centralized dashboard.
  • By relying on a multi-location centralized cloud-based management, you won’t need any local software installed on local hosts in every location, nor you will bear hardware costs.
  • By virtue of the elimination of expensive hardware controllers in the architecture and the reduction of on-premise maintenance, you will be able to save time and money.
  • With Tanaza, any firmware upgrade is done remotely, meaning that your infrastructure will be always updated with the latest software version. At the same time, Tanaza zero-touch deployment allows you to remotely provision, troubleshoot and configure your multi-vendor networks, in a simple and effortless way.
  • The very intuitive and easy-to-use Tanaza Dashboard allows you to real-time monitor your clients and their network usage, analyze their gathered through Wi-Fi data and easily run statistics.
  • Tanaza provides you with a built-in captive portal technology with automatic detection of the splash page; this customisable, multi-language, branded, and responsive splash page includes social login and social actions – i.e. Facebook Like and Check-in – for every cloud managed hotspot.

Tanaza provides you with a wide array of features, which makes it the right choice to cloud manage your networks and access points. Click here if you want to learn more about the wide range of features offered by Tanaza.

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