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The end of 2G internet subscription in India

The number of 2G internet subscribers in India has been declining so rapidly due to the plummeting price of mobile data rates in India and it is estimated that by the end of 2019, 2G internet subscriptions will be discontinued and be replaced by offers with 4G cellular capabilities.

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The end of Net Neutrality and its consequences

Remember that last July we were encouraging you to join the fight for the Net Neutrality to guarantee fair competition over the internet in the United States? As of Thursday, 14th of December, this fight is still ongoing the FCC is meeting to vote for either the...

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Join one of these Wi-Fi events in 2018

In Tanaza, we think that it is really important to always be up to date with new technologies, discover new way to work, new tools to help us do our tasks and so on. Learning on the internet is fine, but have you ever tried to join a conference? By joining...

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Best Black Friday access point discounts

Today is Black Friday, the perfect day to enjoy big discounts on electronic devices and other equipments. Every year is the same story, people rushing to find the best deal, jumping from one e-commerce to another, buying the last unit before product expires. Black...

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