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How to deploy an outside Wi-Fi network for camping

During holidays, campings are invaded by vacationers leaving the big cities to enjoy the sea or the mountains. During the last few years, comfort at camping places increased a lot, and now the biggest majority provide Wi-Fi for their hosts.   Wi-Fi is a good...

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Join the fight to save the Net Neutrality!

Come and join the protest! On July 12th, 2017, websites, Internet users, and online communities will join together to protest and sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on Net Neutrality.   The situation is critical as the new FCC chairman and former Verizon...

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Share Wi-Fi passwords with iOS11

  Thanks to the latest software update for Apple products, being forced to remember passwords to log into a Wi-Fi network will be a thing of yesterday. The latest Apple feature resulting from the upcoming iOS software update – iOS11, enables devices already...

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How to build a reliable Wi-Fi network for offices

The Internet literally revolutionised the way companies work, communication is now easier than ever, information is shared in a blink of an eye and cloud applications for business management are proliferating. We have all faced an internet disconnections in the office...

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5 main advantages of in-store Wi-Fi for retailers

If you want to increase your business by acquiring more customers in your shop and engage them effectively, you should rely on in-store Wi-Fi. In this post, we discuss the 5 main benefits of in-store Wi-Fi deployments for the retail industry.

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Understand the power gain with the Rule of 10s and 3s

In the datasheet of your access points, you will find the device’s radio power. This value describes how well the transmitting antenna converts the input power into radio waves (output power). This is also called “gain”.   The power of an access point is...

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