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WiFi4EU initiative update

The European Commission has allotted 120 million euros to fund the equipment and installation costs of Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas within Europe with little to no Wi-Fi connectivity.

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How to fund your Wi-Fi project

Setting up a new business is always something exciting, being your own boss, developing personal ideas and expanding investments. While being an entrepreneur is an adventure that can lead you to success, it is also risky.   Indeed, the biggest challenge when...

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Top 5 mobile hotspots into 2017

A mobile router , also called mifi, portable router or travel router, is a device which creates a WiFi mobile hotspot allowing users to access the internet through Wi-Fi/wirelessly. Different from traditional wired Wi-Fi networks, a portable router allows you to...

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How to deploy an outside Wi-Fi network for camping

During holidays, campings are invaded by vacationers leaving the big cities to enjoy the sea or the mountains. During the last few years, comfort at camping places increased a lot, and now the biggest majority provide Wi-Fi for their hosts.   Wi-Fi is a good...

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Join the fight to save the Net Neutrality!

Come and join the protest! On July 12th, 2017, websites, Internet users, and online communities will join together to protest and sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on Net Neutrality.   The situation is critical as the new FCC chairman and former Verizon...

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