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Open Mesh acquired by Datto: what’s next for Open Mesh customers?

Open Mesh Inc., one of the most popular makers of wireless networking devices in the SMB segment, has been acquired by Datto, a data protection vendor that sells its products exclusively through managed service providers. With this acquisition, Datto wants to broaden its offering in the networking sector with the launch of a new line of SMB-focused networking solutions.

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Meet Hiro: the new Logo for Tanaza

Tanaza has created a symbol. An original trademark that impersonates our shared values. An iconic symbol for our community of Wi-Fi professionals who embrace open networking. We’re proud to introduce HIRO: the new symbol for our community of Wi-Fi professionals.

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The 10 most read articles about WiFi in 2018

2018 is over, and we at Tanaza already started 2019 with great motivation and enthusiasm!
The year just passed has been a year of growth for Tanaza’s blog, as more and more people read our articles and interact with us every day.
In this post, you will find the list of the ten articles our readers appreciated the most in 2018.

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