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Freemium Network Management Platform

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Tanaza is the freemium network management platform that allows MSPs and IT professionals to easily configure, manage and monitor Wi-Fi networks with high levels of operational efficiency and maximum flexibility.
You can choose among two plans, and customize them based on your needs.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is a suitable solution for small installations and it’s the perfect way to start, being free up to 3 access points and offering the entire stack of Tanaza core features.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is aimed at MSPs and IT Professionals who provide managed Wi-Fi services on multiple sites, managing even hundreds or thousands of access points.

The plan offers the entire stack of Tanaza core features, and there’s no limit on the number of APs that can be managed.

Upgrade your plan
in one click

Switch from the Basic plan to the Pro anytime.
Just select “Upgrade Plan” from your Tanza organization settings.

Choose the add-ons and integrations perfect for you

Thanks to a constantly growing Marketplace, MSPs and IT Professionals can easily customize their organizations based on their needs, from network data monitoring, hotspot solutions, and much more.

Social WiFi + Tanaza Integration
Cloud4Wi + Tanaza Integration
Classic Hotspot + Tanaza Integration
Add-on Fing + Tanaza
MyWiFi Networks + Tanaza integration
Integration ADS4WiFi Logo

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TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID