Freemium Wi-Fi Cloud Management Platform

Start with Basic, grow with Pro

Why freemium?


This model can perfectly suit both small-to-mid-size installations and large ones, offering a flexibility that especially benefits MSPs and IT professionals.

Tanaza is a SaaS that works with compatible hardware. This is called a “disaggregated” approach to network deployment. One company provides the software, while another company provides the hardware. The beauty of this approach is that all can be operated via the same software dashboard, delivering great levels of operational efficiency, while enjoying the flexibility to deploy the best hardware per each single Wi-Fi deployment.

We are confident you’ll love Tanaza and its disaggregated approach, however we are also aware that this is a novel concept in networking. For this, we introduced the Basic plan and made it free without time limits, perfect for small installations and to get familiar with Tanaza.

If you haven’t tried it yet, start here, we’re happy to hear what you think.

Two different plans: Basic and Pro

The platform is free up to 3 access points with the Basic plan, that also includes standard support. The Pro plan removes this limitation and offers premium support. Both plans share the same additional features available through the Marketplace.

Add the tools you need


The Tanaza Wi-Fi marketplace is the place where you can find all the additional add-ons and 3rd party integrations needed to meet the requirements of each deployment.

It includes add-ons like historical stats, vouchers, along with hotspot solutions like Classic Hotspot, Cloud4Wi, MyWiFi Networks, and Social Wi-Fi.