Devices that
work with Tanaza

Tanaza gives our customers the flexibility to choose the WiFi access points that meet their needs. We have our selection of Tanaza Powered Devices™, and also we have compatibility with multiple brands of access points.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP AC PRO - access point

Tanaza Powered Devices™

Tanaza has a line of cloud-managed access points with the Tanaza software already installed, suitable for professional medium and large-scale deployments. The Tanaza Powered Device™ seal guarantees a plug & play, out-of-the-box experience.

TanazaOS compatible device logo

Install TanazaOS™
on a compatible device

The Tanaza platform is vendor-agnostic and has compatibility with a selected range of access points from various brands, for indoor and outdoor deployments. Tanaza allows our customers to manage, and monitor multiple WiFi devices from a single cloud dashboard.

TanazaOS demo - list of connected access points

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TanazaOS demo - list of connected access points