Remote monitoring

Monitor WiFi networks and control access points remotely

Tanaza enables users to monitor the WiFi network’s performance indicators thanks to real-time statistics, both at the WiFi network and access point level.
OS Client List

Wireless Clients’ connection

Check how many client devices are currently associated with a WiFi SSID and how much bandwidth they are consuming.
OS-24h usage

Network Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring

Track your device’s traffic flow to promptly identify possible bottlenecks in bandwidth demand.
OS Device Monitor

SSID load

Oversee the access points’ health status, especially if the number of connections requested increases.
TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Email alerts for access points’ disconnections

Users can enable email notifications on Tanaza to receive information about the status of the WiFi access points in real-time.

Users can also set up additional notifications to inform non-members of a WiFi network about its status, by just adding their email address.

WiFi access point historical statistics

Tanaza allows users to analyze and track the performance of WiFi networks using historical statistics.

Configure the Tanaza WiFi cloud controller proactively based on the data collected over time. Make adjustments considering the change in the number of client devices, and the WiFi channel distribution among the installed wireless access points.

TanazaOS Monitor

WiFi Network Data Usage

See overall WiFi network data usage and identify consumptions peak hours and days, to ensure stability and consistent quality of the WiFi connection overtime.

Client Device Status

Keep track of each client device’s status to identify dead spots with low WiFi signal or underused WiFi access points. 

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