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Multi Tenant for WiFi Cloud Management
Tanaza offers multi tenant and role-based administration capabilities for WiFi Cloud Management. Tenants share access to the same public cloud environment. Tanaza allows tenants, based on their permission levels, to monitor and manage multiple organizations and networks of wireless access points.
TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

WiFi Admin Permissions

Tanaza has the role-based administration feature, which lets users appoint collaborators to specific subsets of the organization and networks.

Users can assign different permission levels to access the cloud controller, multiple organizations, and networks.

The role-based administration feature helps to reduce the risk of malicious configuration and isolate parts of the network to other collaborators. 

Tanaza’s multi-tenant architecture allows an unlimited number of administrators. This offers greater scalability and flexibility when managing multiple Wi-Fi network deployments of hundreds of access points.

Admin Permission Levels

Tanaza’s multi tenant platform has four types of management roles

Organization Permission Types

Organization Owners

Users with this level of control have full administrative access to the whole organization and its networks. Users can change all settings and also invite and assign roles to collaborators. This is the highest level of access available in Tanaza. The same user can be owner of multiple organizations.

Organization Administrators

Users can invite other administrators, access, view, and apply changes to all aspects of the organization and its networks. Administrators of organizations cannot change the ownership of the organization itself.

Network Permission Types

Network Managers

Users with this level of access can manage, control, invite collaborators, and monitor individual networks and access points within it. This type of user has complete control over the network configuration; however, access to organization-level information or settings is restricted.

Network Viewers

The user is only able to view the access points within the network. Also, it can access most aspects of the network; however, is not able to perform changes, add or remove other users.

Advantages of Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Managed WiFi


Tanaza allows convenient onboarding of new tenants. Organization owners, administrators, and network managers can invite any number of collaborators to all or to specific networks within organizations. Also, they can assign roles and limit access to users from the Tanaza Cloud controller.


Tanaza’s platform is hosted on public cloud servers, by AWS, which guarantee optimal availability and reliability. The highly-secure infrastructure is maintained by Tanaza’s team with continuous security enhancements. This allows a significant reduction in CapEx and OpEx for WiFi deployments, with no compromises on security, reliability, and stability.


High Level of Security

Tanaza grants each user with single credentials to access one or multiple organizations and networks. With no shared credentials and written administration passwords, companies can reduce the risk of hacking-related breaches significantly.

In case a collaborator needs to be removed from one – or all networks, it can be done in one click.

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TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID