Centralized configuration

Configure WiFi Access Points in the Cloud efficiently

Tanaza is designed to increase efficiency when deploying large-scale WiFi Networks. It enables users to configure, manage, and monitor from one single platform multiple WiFi organizations and networks, cloud-based access points, SSIDs, and clients. 

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Network-wide settings

Tanaza lets users set the basic configurations of the network, that are applied by default to all the cloud-managed access points in that network. This feature ensures an issue-free, fast and easy provisioning of new access points in a large-scale WiFi network.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Automatic configuration rollback on Access Points

Prevents applying the wrong configuration to a WiFi access point and getting it disconnected. In case of disconnection, due to a new configuration, it automatically restores the last working settings of the WiFi access point to avoid disruptions in the WiFi network.

Schedule remote reboots of WiFi Access Points

Remotely reboot WiFi access points at a specific hour and weekday. Schedule WiFi networks maintenance to minimize slowness and load peaks after a long uptime.

Prevent unwanted WiFi access point reset

Disable the hardware reset button to protect the WiFi access points from unwanted reset, caused by accidentally pressing the reset button.

Automatic WiFi channel distribution

Tanaza automatically chooses the right channel for your WiFi access points to minimize interference on site.

tanazaOS auto channels

One-click WiFi SSID activation

Create, configure, and apply up to 8 WiFi SSIDs to multiple network’s access points in one click. TanazaOS allows users to use external splash pages, with or without RADIUS, and enable multiple SSIDs with splash pages on a single access point.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Wireless Client Isolation

Prevent clients from connecting with one another within the wireless network

Max. concurrent clients

Limit the number of clients connected per access point at the same time

Band selection

Choose which wireless band will be used to connect clients

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