Agile Installation

TanazaOS Installer

TanazaOS Installer for Windows and macOS

The TanazaOS installer is a free software application created by Tanaza that simplifies the TanazaOS firmware installation on any supported access point in just a few clicks.

Tanaza enables IT professionals to manage, monitor, and control multi-vendor WiFi access points from a single cloud-based dashboard. The TanazaOS Installer makes straightforward, and agile the process of installing Tanaza’s Operating System on devices.

Seamless Installation Process

Thanks to the Tanaza Installer, IT teams won’t need to execute complex commands and manual procedures. To install the TanazaOS firmware on a supported device is a straightforward process that only takes three steps: Download the TanazaOS installer, Connect the access point to the network, Install TanazaOS on your device.

Once the installation process is completed, Tanaza users are ready to add the access points in the Tanaza Cloud Dashboard. This improved and faster process allows companies to scale their operations when deploying medium to large WiFi networks, finally saving considerable time and resources.

Device OS - TanazaOS Installer

TanazaOS Installer Compatibility

The Tanaza Installer supports the following WiFi Access Points:

  • Ubiquiti UAP AC LR
  • Ubiquiti UAP LR
  • Ubiquiti UAP
  • Ubiquiti UAP AC PRO
  • Ubiquiti UAP AC Mesh
  • Ubiquiti Unifi AC Mesh PRO
  • Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite

Tanaza is continuously developing compatibility with more access point models.

Download the TanazaOS Installer

The Tanaza installer is available for:

Windows 7  (32 / 64 bit) and later

MAC OS 10.10 (Yosemite) (64 bit) and later