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Install TanazaOS

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Install TanazaOS on your device

Tanaza is vendor-agnostic and works with a wide range of access points, indoor or outdoor, desktop or ceiling­-mountable, with or without POE.

Before you get started, choose an access point from the TanazaOS compatible device list and follow the instructions to install the TanazaOS firmware.

Consider that each device has its own instructions depending on different hardware specifics. Our instructions will guide you through the entire process.


Create a network

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Organize your access points into networks

Once you have created an account with Tanaza, you can easily cluster your access points in one or more groups, called Networks.

A Network can contain any number of access points in single or multiple locations like a hotel chain, for instance. There’s no limit on the number of Networks that can be created, and no limit on the number of access points you can add to them. 

You are free to group them as you like, create Networks based on specific locations, or for a particular customer, including all of his venues. To create a new Network, click on the ‘Create Network’ button on the main page, select a ‘name’ and an ‘icon’, for easy sorting, and then click ‘save’.


Add Access Points

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Add and configure online and offline access points

Once you create a Network, you will be asked to add the first access point. You can add a brand new access point to your Organization or select one from the Inventory. The Inventory is the place in the Tanaza platform, where you can store your access points while not using them.

You can also add an offline device to your network. It will be automatically synchronized with the network’s configuration, as soon as it goes online.


Create a WiFi SSID

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Create and associate a


From the main network menu, go into the SSIDs section, and click on “New SSID.” After you create the SSID, add a label name, select an authentication method, and choose which access points in the network will broadcast the SSID.

By default, this will be transmitted to all the access points within the network. After creating the SSID, you can also edit general settings, such as Client IP assignment (NAT or Bridge mode), bandwidth limit, and security settings, like client isolation, band selection, and many more.


Invite members

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Work together with your collaborators

Invite collaborators to join your networks. To add one or more collaborators to your networks, click on ‘Members’ in the top right corner of the menu bar.

Extend the control of your deployments to more people and simultaneously manage the roles assigned to each of them. You can also set permission levels that allow new collaborators to configure or view specific networks.

Create your account

Create your Tanaza account, install TanazaOS on your compatible devices and start managing them from the cloud.

TanazaOS web interface - list of WiFi SSID

Frequently asked questions

How can I start using the Tanaza platform if I don’t have a supported access point?

You can request to our sales team a demo kit. We’ll ship it to you, and you will have a plug-&-play Tanaza experience.

Get in touch with our sales team.

What is the Tanaza interactive demo? How do I access it?

The interactive demo simulates the entire Tanaza experience and current feature set.

To get started, simply fill in the interactive demo form and the interactive demo will automatically start.

I’d prefer to do a guided demo, how can I proceed?

To request a guided demo, simply fill in the guided demo form.

A Tanaza expert will promptly get in touch to guide you through a personalized demo and answer any questions.