The cloud management platform for
WiFi Access Points

The Tanaza cloud-based platform provides easy-to-use features to configure, manage and monitor access points, SSIDs and
Wi-Fi networks from the cloud. All in one place.

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The cloud management platform
for WiFi Access Points

The Tanaza cloud-based platform provides
easy-to-use features to configure, manage and monitor access points, SSIDs and Wi-Fi networks from the cloud.
All in one place.

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✔︎ No credit card needed
✔︎​ Easy configuration

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Cloud Management Platform for WiFi Networks
WiFi Cloud Management Platform to Configure, Manage and Monitor WiFi Networks
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Tanaza is an intuitive and responsive cloud-based network management software that makes the deployment, configuration and remote monitoring of WiFi networks effortless. It is based on TanazaOS, a powerful Linux-based Operating System compatible with multi-vendor WiFi access points.

TanazaOS responsive interface - global map to geo-locate devices

Centralized configuration

Manage WiFi access points from the cloud

Manage the settings of hundreds of WiFi access points from a single cloud controller platform. With Tanaza, users can enable SSIDs, configure IP addresses, set radio power and channels, and more from the managed WiFi dashboard.

Increase operational efficiency by enabling network-wide configurations and maximize service availability. Users can reconfigure access points without rebooting them or restarting the services.

Cloud Management Platform for SSID

WiFi Captive Portal

Cloud-based WiFi Hotspot Management Software

Enable any external captive portal on top of the Tanaza Cloud platform, also with Radius. Alternatively, enable the Classic Hotspot system for guest WiFi access, advanced social WiFi with analytics, paid WiFi, and WiFi monetization features.
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Configure WiFi access points before they go online.

Tanaza allows users to speed up the WiFi Network installation process in the cloud and reduce on-site costs by letting users configure all cloud-managed access points before they are installed.

Ship the WiFi access points directly to customers’ premises – the WiFi network configurations previously set will sync automatically once the cloud-managed access points are connected.

TanazaOS - self provisioning capability
Ship the devices to your customers’ premises – the network configurations previously applied will sync automatically once the access points are connected.
Monitor WiFi remotely from the Cloud

Remote monitoring

Control your WiFi networks remotely, instead of going onsite

Monitor your cloud access points at any given moment from the Tanaza Cloud controller. Get a quick overview of your WiFi network’s health status and use historical and real-time data to understand the performance of wireless networks better.
TanazaOS responsive interface - access point stats
TransferAllocate data per client/SSID to provide a seamless WiFi connection.
Notify IconReceive email alerts in case any cloud-managed access point disconnects.
RefreshSchedule automated or manual reboots on WiFi access points directly from the Tanaza cloud controller.
WiFi Remote Monitoring

Multi Tenant

Work together with your collaborators

Optimize the administration of individual accounts in an Organization and regulate network access by managing them from a single centralized platform. Set specific roles and create different permission levels for internal and external collaborators.
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Maximize CAPEX and OPEX efficiency with TanazaOS

Cost savings and operational efficiency for WiFi Networks

Network disaggregation gives users the freedom to choose hardware and software operating systems from different vendors. In consequence, companies can reduce CapEX, OpEx, and TCO significantly. Tanaza platform’s flexibility allows unlimited scalability and helps companies to deploy WiFi networks faster.

Enterprises and Managed Service Providers reduce complexities and get complete interoperability, freeing themselves from vendor lock-in.

Wi-Fi NOW Awards 2018 logo - Tanaza awarded as Best Enterprise Wi-Fi solution
The future of Tanaza would mean that a company or individual wishing to deliver Wi-Fi based connectivity services will be able to select their Wi-Fi hardware and software independently.
Claus Hetting, CEO & Chairman of Wi-Fi NOW
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WiFi Access Points compatibility

Tanaza provides the flexibility to choose the access point that best addresses the customer’s needs. From the cheapest WiFi access point to the most performing one, desktop or ceiling mountable or PoE, we got it covered.
RB951UI 2HnD

RB951UI 2HnD

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP AC PRO - access point
Ubiquiti Unifi UAP AC LR - access point
Ligowave NFT 2ac - access point
NFT 2ac

Success stories

Read how Tanaza has helped businesses and organizations manage centralized multi-vendor WiFi networks from a single platform worldwide.

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