Remote monitoring

Tanaza helps you remote monitor small or large networks of access points, deployed in one place or in multiple locations, from the cloud.

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Centralized configuration

Network deployment, configuration, and management are done 100% remotely, for increased efficiency and costs saving.

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Use Tanaza’s API to integrate your Wi-Fi network and your social hotspot with any CRM and marketing tool!

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Captive portal

Tanaza allows you to enable the captive portal functionalities on your access points, so that you can manage guest access to your Wi-Fi.

Social Login and Data Capture

Tanaza allows login to Wi-Fi through social media, so that you can collect your clients’ personal data.

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Analytics dashboard

Information gathered through Wi-Fi is saved in our dashboard, that allows you to analyze data and get insights about your clientele.

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Login Page Editor

Building a responsive login page for your Wi-Fi network is very easy, thanks to Tanaza’s Editor.

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Web Content Filtering

Block Wi-Fi users from browsing inappropriate content, with our web content filter

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Mailchimp Connector

Send the list of your Wi-Fi clients to Mailchimp automatically, and trigger automated email marketing campaigns to your users!

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Paid Wi-Fi

Tanaza includes a full-functional voucher-based system, that allows you to manage and control paid access to Wi-Fi.

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Rogue AP Detection 

The Tanaza Rogue AP Detection feature helps you detect any unwanted/unfriendly APs in your network and secure it.

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