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Are you a wireless reseller? Join us!

Fuel your results with the Tanaza reseller program!


Tanaza launched in 2014 its Partner Program, adopted now by many solution providers worldwide.

The Tanaza Partner Program is open to new applications from VARs, ISPs, Systems Integrators and WISPs.

Tanaza Partners are authorized to work under the Tanaza brand and they have a proven ability in Wi-Fi networking, delivering unexpected results to their customers.

Fuel your results | Generate recurring revenue streams |Tanaza Reseller Partner Program

Benefits of the Tanaza Partner Program


  • Margins. About 50% of the revenue for the sole software + margin on additional services
  • Low hardware costs. Tanaza supported APs start from 19$.
  • Low up-front costs. Tanaza doesn’t charge you in the trial period (unlimited APs and connected clients) so you can make tens of demos to your prospects without spending a dollar
  • Fast go-to-market. Start selling Wi-Fi even before paying!


Start generating recurring revenue streams

More opportunities and profitability for your business!


Tanaza Authorized Partners will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access partner-only resources, software pre-releases, beta version firmwares, and test features
  • Deal registration on the 24/7 available partner portal
  • Highly qualified local leads (hotels, restaurants, retailers, offices, other end users)
  • Premium support, that means priority for your help ticket
  • Up-to-date training to acquire the needed sales and technical skills to accelerate your time to the first Tanaza sale
  • Opportunity to orchestrate joint promotions and co-marketing campaigns with Tanaza


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