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Understanding your target users’ behaviors and setting up your splash page accordingly, are key to motivating Wi-Fi customers to access your hotspot. Let’s find out more about it.

The first thing users see before accessing your Wi-Fi connection is your splash page. Accordingly, setting it up in a way that engages your users and motivates them to log in, is of paramount importance. But, How can I build a successful splash page? The answer is simple: by understanding your target audience’s behaviors.

When customers authenticate to your Wi-Fi, you are able collect relevant data about them, such as age, gender, location, date of registration, etc. Once this data has been identified, you can leverage it by properly customizing your splash page with what Wi-Fi users want, so that they will be more inclined to share information to access your hotspot.


    • Personalize your splash page in different ways. By opting for a very intuitive and quick authentication process, you can motivate your users to log onto your Wi-Fi network. Indeed, nobody wants to spend too much time when accessing a Wi-Fi network. Also, as a way to further involve and engage them when connecting to your hotspot, give your customers the possibility to authenticate using their favorite social network. 
    • Focus on incentives as much as you can. According to the incentive theory of motivation, external incentives make people more active and willing to take action. Therefore, you can reward your clients offering discounts or personalized deals when they sign in, as valuable triggers to motivate them using your Wi-Fi connection.
    • Segment your audience so you can further customize the incentives you are going to offer. By distinguishing between new and returning users, or dividing them depending on their age range you can target specific users with tailored promotions.  For instance, if you run a perfumery providing free Wi-Fi and realize users visit your shop only once, you could offer a discount for a second purchase during that same month, as a way to make them come back. Another example is to offer incentives on the basis of your customers’ gender: let’s suppose you have a clothing shop and you allow users access your Wi-Fi hotspot. Based on your Wi-Fi statistics, you detect that during the week the your users are mainly female, whereas in the weekends the average of female visitors is 60% to the remaining 40% is composed of male users. In this case, you could offer a discount on women’s clothing throughout the week, and opt for a discount on a male and female item of clothing during the weekend.

By virtue of Tanaza, you can leverage social Wi-Fi to enhance your customer experience and better understand users’ behavior. In this way, you will set up the right splash page, which will motivate Wi-Fi users to authenticate to your Wi-Fi network. Tanaza allows you to easily build an engaging and responsive splash page for your customers: you can personalize the design of your login flows and choose your background and graphics. You can add multiple authentication buttons, to allow authentication via email, phone numbers, vouchers, and social login, allowing your customers to log in through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.






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