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Global hotspot predictions for 2015-2020

The Hotspot global predictions for 2015-2020 show that the Wi-Fi market trend is still increasing and that Wi-Fi market is in full expansion.

The usage of Wi-Fi is becoming more and more common globally. “Wi-Fi is part of the way the world works. It’s assumed that’s how you’re going to connect unless you specify otherwise,” said Matthew Gast, Director of Product Management at Aerohive, the cloud networking solutions company.


The Wi-Fi market trend is expected to increase within the next few years. In fact, the global hotspot predictions for 2015-2020 made by Cisco’s VNI Mobile, show that Wi-Fi traffic, both from mobile and Wi-Fi-only devices, will account for 53% of total IP traffic by 2019.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow up to represent almost 40% of the total of the public hotspots in 2020 worldwide. The Western Europe region will represent 27% of the global total, North America a 21%, Latin America a 9% and Central and Eastern Europe will count for 5%. About the Middle East and Africa, the number of hotspots will represent only 1% of the global total.


Global public Wi-Fi hotspot predictions for 2015-2020

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