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The ConnectAll initiative headed by President Obama plans to provide a high-speed Internet connection to families with a limited income.

In today’s digital world, having limited or no access to a Wi-Fi connection can be a grave disadvantage. Consequently, President Obama announced a new plan to implement a viable Wi-Fi connection program for American families earning a low income. While most people take for granted their immediate access to a high-speed Internet connection, for millions of families who earn under $25,000 per year, getting online is often easier said than done.

The ConnectAll initiative headed by President Obama plans to provide a high-speed Internet connection to families with a limited income.- Students TanazaThe ConnectAll initiative is a unique program primarily devised to contribute to the education of children in families earning under $25,000 per year. The president’s intention behind the ConnectAll effort is to provision a high-speed connection that encourages an appetite for research and the acquisition of outside knowledge and skill. Most importantly, access to this Wi-Fi connection will help students keep up with their online assignments, give a helping hand to individuals already employed, while also provide a communication platform for those actively seeking an employment opportunity.

In prospect, this effort will have made available a Wi-Fi connection to approximately 20 million people by the year 2020.


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