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Remote monitoring

Tanaza helps you to remote monitor WiFi networks of any size, with access points deployed across multiple locations, from a centralized cloud dashboard. Instead of going on site to check your access points’ health status, you have the power to control your network from any location and any device, from your smartphone, PC, and tablet. No wasting time and money!
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Monitoring Data


The data available includes real-time received and sent data, real-time status, historical statistics about disconnections, real-time load percentage on RAM/CPU, packets dropped and error rates, number of connected clients, download and upload bitrate, for each access points in the network.

The same statistics are available through Tanaza’s “Network monitoring APIs”, as well.

In addition to this, Tanaza Cloud also shows the history of the configurations applied to each device, which informs the network administrator about any activity done on the network.

The Tanaza Cloud platform also includes a wide set of information regarding each connected clients, which helps troubleshooting their connection in no time, including: access point and SSID to which they’re connected, the client’s MAC address, the session duration, sent and received bytes, and signal strength.

Disconnection Alerts

The platform features an email alert system which informs you about any AP which gets disconnected. You won’t need to create VPNs or perform manual pings to check your networks’ health. Remote monitoring with Tanaza is effortless. Tanaza Cloud provides a complete overview of your access points on Google Maps and shows detailed insights about your networks, access points and connected clients through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Advanced monitoring

Tanaza allows you to enable some additional services, such as SSH, Syslog, and the AP local web server, for advanced monitoring and troubleshooting of the networks. Syslog is often requested by local regulations, for example SOX, FISMA, HIPAA require log retention. When Tanaza is configured for using a Syslog, the system provides the capability of analysing access point events, so you can quickly pinpoint issues. A remote syslog can handle millions of messages an hour and collects log messages from multiple devices.

Rogue Access Point Detection

What is a rogue access point? A “Rogue AP” is a wireless access point that propagates the same SSID of another network, without explicit authorization from the network administrator. Through this hacking technique, the unfriendly access points can access your clients’ data, threatening your network’s security. The Tanaza Rogue AP Detection feature helps you detect any unwanted/unfriendly APs in your network and secure it.   Why is this feature important? An access point is able to “listen” and “speak” with clients’ devices through a wireless connection. During the execution of the “Rogue access point” scan,  the access point stops transmitting a signal and insteads listens for signals coming from other wireless networks. This way, it can detect other devices transmitting a Wi-Fi signal. The scan results in a list of all of the SSIDs within the Wi-Fi coverage of the selected AP. The access point is able to check whether the AP transmitting an SSID is a Tanaza-powered AP, or not. Detecting unwanted access points within a location is not the only purpose of this feature. It also allows understanding what other SSIDs are being broadcasted and on which channels, in order to manually reduce interference and improve the connection quality.

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