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How can your Open Mesh hardware get a second chance?

Tanaza is a Plug & Play solution to manage and monitor your Open Mesh access points remotely. Our Tanaza platform allows you to install, configure, and monitor hundreds of Open Mesh access points via the cloud quickly and intuitively thanks to its responsive web interface accessible from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Open Mesh Tanaza
Tanaza, the Responsive Cloud Management Platform for Different Device

We radically reduce the configuration and installation time of complex WiFi networks. Tanaza is compatible with the most popular Open-Mesh devices, and we can also develop compatibility on request for medium-to-large deployments.

In case you want to add more devices to your existing platform in the future, you can manage all devices from one single dashboard. Tanaza has multi-vendor compatibility with popular brands like Ubiquiti, LigoWave, TP-link, Amer Networks, and a line of cloud-managed Tanaza Powered Devices.

What do you get if you switch to Tanaza?

Enjoy a full set of professional features for WiFi management and control.

Centralized configuration

Tanaza is designed to increase efficiency, enabling users to configure, manage, and monitor from one single platform multiple WiFi organizations and networks, cloud-based access points, SSIDs, and client devices.

TanazaOS WiFi SSID
Tanaza Network Stats

Remote monitoring

Monitor WiFi networks and control access points remotely. Tanaza enables users to monitor the WiFi network’s performance indicators thanks to real-time statistics, both at the WiFi network and access point level.

Multi Tenancy

Tanaza offers multi-tenant and role-based administration capabilities to monitor and manage multiple organizations and WiFi networks.

TanazaOS Multi Tenant WiFi
TanazaOS Fast Roaming WiFi

Fast Roaming

Tanaza supports the IEEE 802.11r/k/v roaming standards on all the compatible WiFi access points. By installing the Tanaza operating system on access points that don’t have roaming with the stock firmware, you can add roaming features based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. In other words, client devices can roam quickly from one access point to another in a seamless way.


  • Enjoy full lifetime access with no recurring fees
  • Avoid onsite travel. There’s no need for hardware controllers.
  • Easily migrate from CloudTrax/Datto Networking to Tanaza, thanks to the self-provisioning system and the cloud configuration.
  • Save costs by extending the life of your Open-Mesh devices.
  • In the future, benefit when upgrading or adding new hardware to the infrastructure as Tanaza runs on multiple hardware vendors.
  • Access to a wide range of learning materials and online support for troubleshooting.
  • Use our recently-launched splash page editor to customize splash pages. 
  • We continuously update the operating system to deliver turnkey features, patch vulnerabilities and drive security and stability.
  • Mesh is officially on the Tanaza roadmap.

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Discover all the features that will keep your Open-Mesh devices from drowning and give them a second chance with Tanaza.

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Tanaza OS
Tanaza - The cloud platform for IT professionals to operate Wi-Fi networks

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873466.

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