Cloud managed Wi-Fi for everyone!

All your Wi-Fi Access Points. One single place to manage them!

Vendor agnostic: compatible with multiple models of Access Points

What Our Clients Say

Tanaza allowed us to promptly provide Wi-Fi access to our visitors by adding a temporary SSID to all of our Access Points… with just one click and without spending a fortune!

– Menphis4, IT Manager

Tanaza allowed us to combine the best software with cost-effective hardware. This is freedom!

– Jack, Wi-Fi Consultant (Thailand)

I could deploy the cheapest TP-Link and still enjoy Enterprise level features. Now a working wireless network is really for everyone!

– Max, System Integrator

Tanaza flashed UniFi and AirRouter rock! They pop-up in the Tanaza interface and then you can manage them. Well done!

– Lino, Managed Solutions Provider