cloud4wi integration

Voucher Login


Manage user access through the use of voucher codes that limit duration and quota.

Classic Hotspot Integration


The Tanaza WiFi Voucher Login add-on is the easy-to-use solution to manage and control WiFi access of multiple guests, limiting access duration and quota. Once this Add-on is enabled, it will be possible to add the voucher login button to the Splash Page.

The configuration will allow defining parameters as maximum connectivity duration, data limit, and max number of allowed devices per each voucher code.

Set and control the generated WiFi vouchers, checking in real-time parameters as:
– status of the vouchers
– labels
– expiration date
– used time
– used data
– number of allowed devices

Organize voucher codes granularly by lists divided for locations and customers. Keep under control new, started and consumed vouchers.
Allow or block WiFi connections for entire lists of clients. In one-click.




0.39 $ / AP / month